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The Fast and Easy Method for Building a Buyers List.

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Once you know the geographical area that you want to invest in, having a list of cash buyers will serve you well. Compiling a list using the following steps is your fastest and easiest method for

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Angry Callers… How do you handle them?

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People who call you because of your marketing can be very irate and just down right rude to you. Some will leave threatening voicemails, threatening all kinds of things. When this happens just keep

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The Telephone is Ringing… Hello!

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Congrats on making the telephone ring. If you're like most investors you have a day job and can't answer the telephone as often as you would like so you've probably going to set up a voicemail

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Talking to Sellers – The First 5 Things To Do!

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Taking control of the conversation from the very beginning will help you achieve your goal of buying the house. There are certain steps you must purposely take to be successful at buying houses for

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