Angry Callers… How do you handle them?

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Angry woman shouting into a telephone

People who call you because of your marketing can be very irate and just down right rude to you. Some will leave threatening voicemails, threatening all kinds of things. When this happens just keep in mind the social make-up of people.

Forceful or irate people are not forceful or irate people in their opinion. They are just mimicking their surroundings and life lessons and could just be having a really bad day.

The easiest way to communicate, yes communicate, with this personality type is to mimic them by using a tonality a couple decibels higher. Once you match their pace at a higher decibel then start backing off by lowering your tonality and you then can communicate reasonably. They will follow your voice if you just let them.

If all else fails say the following… I am going to hang up when I count to three as they are screaming. Then count one – two – I am hanging up – three.

Remember these people are your prospects. Also remember that there have been times in your life where you have been in one of those bad moods as well. So understand this fact and treat people fairly even when they aren’t reciprocal. We all kick the proverbial cat and if you get into an arguing contest with your prospects you will never buy their house or give them the opportunity to call you back with a pleasant “I am sorry” statement.


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