The Fast and Easy Method for Building a Buyers List.

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Buyer Handing Over Cash for House with Home and For Sale Real Estate Sign Behind.

Once you know the geographical area that you want to invest in, having a list of cash buyers will serve you well. Compiling a list using the following steps is your fastest and easiest method for building a buyers list.

Go to (a CorLogic Company) and signup for an account. Doing so will allow you to input list criteria to see and ultimately buy the counts for various list types within a geographic area.

To see the counts prior to establishing an account click on the “Search Properties” tab on the first page.

Once you are on the “Build List” page under the Geography tab pick the area type you want your selection for. You will have numerous choices i.e. State, County, City and Zip as well as others. Choose the “City” filter then choose “State”. Once the list of cities in the state appear, simply pick the city that you are interested in and click “add”.

Now click on the “Property” tab and in the dropdown choose “Last Market Sale Date”, under this selection now choose the preset option of “Last Six Months”.

Then on the same tab choose “Equity(%)” and then in the “From” “To” write in fields write in 99 and 100 then click “Add”.

Staying on the “Property” tab choose “Bedrooms” and then in the white-in fields write in 1 and 5.

Staying on the “Property” tab choose “Property Type” and select “SFR”.

Staying on the “Property” tab choose “Total Assessed Value” and in the write in fields write in 1 and 500,000.

Now go to the “Options” tab and under the “Owner Occupied Status” choose “Absentee Owned”. Stay on this tab and under “Corporate-owned Properties” click “No Preference”.

Now click “Save Criteria” at the bottom of the page and name your search.

Then click the “Purchase List” button at the bottom of the page.

Doing so will take you to a page to create an account. Fill-out the requested information and proceed to the “Pay Now” page and check out. DO NOT REMOVE DUPLICATES.

Once you pay you will be prompted to rename your file and then export the file.

Once you click export it will give you the option of choosing CSV or excel as a file type and whether you want all UPPER CASE or Sentence Case.

Once those two options are chosen, your file will be added to your computer and you will have your list of recent investor purchased properties which were purchased for cash.

Your list should be compiled of the following information when finished.

Once you have the list I would then send a “Cash Buyers” Yellow Letter or postcard which has the following verbiage.

Cash Buyer Letter


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