Talking to Sellers – The First 5 Things To Do!

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Taking control of the conversation from the very beginning will help you achieve your goal of buying the house.

There are certain steps you must purposely take to be successful at buying houses for HUGE profits. One very important thought to remember is that people who want to sell their house have to convince you to buy their house so you have the upper hand. Remember they are making you the offer. With that perspective, do the following…

  1. Park on the street across from the subject house. Not in their driveway, on the lawn, or in front of their house. There is a subconscious ownership issue relating to the parking place in front of most homes so respect the seller by not parking in their space. If you doubt that where you park matters than think about how you feel when you drive home and see a car in front of your home and the owner isn’t a guest of yours. You will feel intruded upon and although it seems silly it is a very real emotion. A person subconscious is at play when one is dealing with a stranger and you want them to think positively about you.
  2. NEVER use the doorbell or doorknocker, always knock with your fist. If someone came to your door in a state of emergency they wouldn’t use the doorbell they would knock with their fist making a sound of confidence, authority and emergency and you should too.
  3. After knocking, step back away from the door about 5-6 feet and turn and look up the street. Stepping back away from the door allows the seller to look you over and become comfortable with you before they open the door. Don’t look through the peep hole in the door, through windows, or make any action which would seem intrusive.
  4. When they answer the door, step up and greet them; if it is a female wait for her to extend her hand; if it’s a male extend yours first. There is nothing more awkward then not knowing how to introduce yourself to a stranger. Practice in the mirror and make it natural.
  5. Say “Hello my name is ___________ with I Buy Houses, thank you for inviting me out to buy your house today. Is where I’m parked okay?” We are going to ask the seller to be fair with us and IMHO it is extremely important to begin the relationship with the seller thinking you are fair as well. Asking this simple question will begin your successful and fruitful relationship. Also within this statement/question you’re embedding a command to the seller affirming to them that you are their house buyer.

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