The Telephone is Ringing… Hello!

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Holding telephone receiver

Congrats on making the telephone ring. If you’re like most investors you have a day job and can’t answer the telephone as often as you would like so you’ve probably going to set up a voicemail system to retrieve those calls that you cannot answer during normal business hours and those calls that come in on off hours.

In fact some investors let all of their calls go straight to voicemail and use voicemail to filter the calls for motivation. Which isn’t a bad approach especially if you are doing heavy, even moderate marketing.

From experience I have learned that there is nothing worse then spending all day on the telephone with unmotivated sellers and a good voicemail script will weed out those who are not ready to sell yet still on your prospect list for future follow up marketing.

So what do you say on your voicemail system to attract the most amount of motivated opportunity?

After years of testing I have come to the conclusion that creating a simple yet professional voicemail is your best approach. It is important to drive the caller to tell us that they are motivated while embedding commands and call to actions statements written into the one sided conversation.

Here is the script I love.

Hello and thank you for calling _____________, the fastest and easy way to get your property sold and cash in your pocket.

We’re not available at the moment to receive your call. However, it is extremely important to us.

If you received a note in the mail regarding SELLING YOUR HOUSE, and you would like to, please leave us your name, your CELL phone number, along with the property address of the house you’re hoping to sell, and one of us will call you back just as soon as possible.

We are not real estate agents wanting to list your house for sale, we want to BUY it. We buy houses for cash, in any condition and price range.

We buy “as is”, no repairs required. There are never any commissions, fees or closing costs when you sell your house to ______________, and we can close on the day of your choice.

So if you like the idea of selling your house for cash, without having to pay commissions or fees, and selling “as is”, on the day of your choice, then go ahead and leave us your name, your cell phone number, and the property address of the house you’re wanting to sell, and we will call you back just as soon as possible.

Thank you for calling, and we look forward to speaking with you soon. 

This voicemail script is simple and professional. And it WORKS.

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